Thanks a lot Mr. Modi!

Thank You Mr. Modi for giving us a reason to boast,to feel proud about our origin,our forefathers,our culture,our civilization,our tradition and most importantly our morals and our ideals.Thank You for giving us a smile when someone hailed “Bharat Mata ki Jai”.Thank you for allowing us to broaden our chests seeing Mr. Cameroon standing in attention when our national Anthem was sung.Thank You for giving us an opportunity to show the Britishers that we are no less even if we were once tortured,insulted and abused by them,we still have the courage to rise to great heights and stand beside them proudly.Thank You for giving our national flag the respect that it had always deserved.


Thank You Mr. Modi for creating that confidence in us,for making us realize that we have infinite power,endless possibilities and unlimited strength that can never be crushed or dismantled for we have that ability to rise from the ashes and prove to be the best once again.


Truly Mr. Cameroon “Achhe Din aa Rahe Hain”.


Ganpati Bappa Morya!

Ganesh Chaturthi Wishes In English Messages

He comes once in a year,

To take away all our fear

Lets welcome him,

with loads of cheer.

Lets thank  a ton,

To the most obedient son

After a lot of learning,

He brings us some fun.

His elephant head,

Leads us ahead,

His big round stomach,

Sets our enemies aback,

His twisted trunk,

Brings us good luck,

And a modak in his hand ,

Is his only demand.

O Lord of Wisdom,

Bless us with Knowledge,

To erase all ignorance,

And face the world with courage.


25 GODlen Rules- The Dummies Guide to becoming a Godman or GodWoman

GOd or Godman….

Vinod Narayan

man-220974_1280Someone asked me why I was pissed off with these Godmen and Godwomen. The answer is I am not pissed off with them, I am pissed off with you for thinking that you cannot be one… 🙂 Seriously… Why are you not trying….? A Godman or a Godwoman is a lucrative and fool-proof career because it is build on making fool of others. This post is for aspiring Babas and Matas and anyone who has the ability to fool others and does not feel bad about it can attempt these 25 golden or (GODlen) rules.

This post is not meant for existing followers as they would find it offensive but if you are a follower and you want to become one then read on….

So here are the 25 rules that can help you in your journey

  1. Have some quotes of your own ready especially with the words love, God, self, others, service, universe…

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Feeling Small in a Big Cosmos 03: Proverbs


Write Science

by Shane L. Larson

On 19 April 1610, Johannes Kepler wrote an open letter to Galileo Galilei, musing on possible future voyages that would allow explorers — human explorers — to see what Galileo’s telescope had shown.  He mused that some day inventors might “provide ship or sails adapted to the heavenly breezes, and there will be some who will not fear even that void.” Kepler called on Galileo to join him in preparing the way for those so0n to be travellers, and create a new science to light their way: astronomy.

Yuri Gagarin and the Vostok 1 launch on 12 April 1961. Yuri Gagarin and the Vostok 1 launch on 12 April 1961.

It was almost exactly 351 years before Kepler’s speculations were realized — on 12 April 1961 the Soviet Union launched cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin into space. In a flight that lasted only 108 minutes, Gagarin orbited the Earth in a capsule bearing the callsign Kedr (“

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The Best B’Day Ever!!

Thank you friends for making this B’Day so so memorable.Starting from all those wishes from 12’o clock night to the Birthday bash that you gave me today,everything was just perfect.Thanx a lot Bai and Ashis for that delicious blackforest cake.Sohan and Swatik for bunking classes,Pravin for giving a gud company and all the girls for making this B’day so special.


In just a year,we basically became a team rather than friends.Its like something in the universe drew us together just like magnets because we were meant for one another.You accepted my weirdness, you loved me for all of my quirks, you always stood by my side no matter what, and for that I couldn’t be more grateful.Thank you all for having an interest in my life and actually caring about what I have to say.Thank you for reminding me my worth;for reminding me I am strong,I am independent and worthy of everything and all the love of the world.Thank you all making me worthy of you all and not requiring the attention of any man.Thank you for not judging me and being there with me in all my bad decisions.Thank you for accepting me the way I am.Thank you for making this huge college seem not so big after all.


This blog would be incomplete if I don’t post Sudha’s poems.So, here are they:


If i be the nightingale

U r my frog

Without u

I m a lifeless log

If i be the steps

U r the jog

If i be a bandit

U r a rogue

Dear friend

U r wd me

Like winters fog

With a heart too soft

Yet lovely and strong!!


U bunked classes

N dragged me wd u

Couldnt protest

Uttered words few

U skipped labs

And said its fine

I was scared

Like the lab was mine

U told me to chill

But i dreaded the outcome

And then finally…….

U topped !!!!!

And i was like …Howcome!!!!😂



From a corner of my eye

I did see her

Face all round and chubby

And expressions coupled lyk a metaphor

Seemed so honest

Had d innocence of a child

Sweet and sober

Tender,she appeared so mild

The other day

I did speak

From hi hello

To conversations bleak

A week passed away

And i realised

This last bench gal

Has got me hypnotizd

Shes not what see seems

Shes just another me

I laughed n screamed

Welcome other than u who my bestie could be.


Thank you my Nightingale for making my days so wonderful.For you I am ready to be a frog my whole life.But always sing for me when I ride the scooty.And Thank u Lippi for encouraging me to do what i ever wanted to do.If it wasn’t you I would’nt have been in CET,Mechanical.Thank You Risha for making me aware of  all unpredictable dangers and taking so many risks for me.Thank You Bai for capturing every sweet moments that we all spend together.Thank you sangy for sending me practical notes on those last nights of submission.Thank You Shriya for making me by heart those theoroms just before the exams.Thank you simpy for being my partner when i crave for food and no one else is really hungry.Thank you Kiran for doing my ED sheets and remembering to wish me on my B’day in the middle of your sleep.Thank You Ashis for being such a loving company for my friend.Thank You Sohan for managing all our crazy and mad acts.Thank You Swatik for your innocent acts and being the photographer in charge for my B’Day.And Susneha for convincing Bishnu Sir so intelligently.In short Thank you all for making this day a treasured memory for me.

Its Engineering!

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.03.37 AM

From the launching of wearable technology to the invention of a wheel,all the world is Engineering;Rest is Stamp Collecting.What really matters in Engineering is professional judgement, based in experience of what works and what does not work, as well as intuitive, integrative practical balancing of Mathematical,Scientific,Statistical,Legal and Entrepreneurial skills.

Different disciplines have different standards of evidence. An astronomer a physicist and a mathematician were travelling to a conference in Edinburgh. As they crossed the border into Scotland the astronomer saw a lonely black sheep in a field. “Look!”, he said, “Scottish sheep are black!”. “You can’t say that.”, said the mathematician, “The most you can say is that some of the sheep in Scotland are black”. “No”, said the astronomer, “The most you can say is that in at least one field in Scotland there is at least one sheep, at least one side of which is black”.

But for an engineer,he has to combine all these qualities in order to become a true engineer.For an engineerThe minimum standard of truth in science is usually understood to be a 95% or greater likelihood. (More formally passing a test that the hypothesis is less than 5% likely to be false (I am simplifying a little here)). This is however more like a standard for plausibility than truth. The results being generated by the Large Hadron Collider are being evaluated for truthfulness against a 5 sigma standard, a less than 1 in 3.5 million chance that the hypothesis is false.

The proof of the strength of an engineer’s professional judgement is not their job title, but the things they designed which worked. Those which did not work, but which they made to work might be even stronger evidence of engineering Kung Fu.But what the Engineers need to know is respect their profession.Engineers are by our nature pragmatic, and tend not to worry too much about all of the above. Those involved in design do however worry about making sure that the things they design work. If they get it wrong, people can die, or at a lower but still significant level their company can go bust, or they can get fired.

But the problem today is Engineers tend not to think much about epistemology, so they are rather eclectic in the standards they apply to the determination of whether something is sufficiently factual to be relied upon.

Screen Shot 2015-08-04 at 4.28.11 AM

Before occupying any position and trying to reflect back in future,what the budding engineers need to consider is Epistemology.

Carrom-The Game That Defined Rainy Days in My Childhood..

rainy-season Rainy Season has its own charms.The erratic nature of Indian Monsoons makes it even more enjoyable.Getting wet while returning from home and then being scolded to hell by mummy was a common thing.Apart from the petrichor,the cool breeze and the shining pearls of water,there is something more to enjoy- The afternoon carrom matches. pakoras After returning from  school,me and my friends used to sit for those matches of Carrom and tried to make up for the loss of Outdoor games.It was great FUN.Can’t forget those friends who use cheat and steal dots from the board specially my brother .To add to all these there was hot pakoras served by Mom. It was not about winning or losing,I was all about enjoying.Moreover those petty fights about who would take the white dot,reluctance to give any fine,stealing opponent’s money and those challenges and bets by friends added to our enjoyment. carrom game Today’s children are obsessed with video games,play stations,tablets and mobile games.But games like carrom not only help in increasing our concentration,but also help us in learning the act of winning or losing and team spirit.Games like carrom are more action packed and enjoyable than video games and play stations. So,next time you plan a hang out with friends or cousins,don’t forget to have match of Carrom in your menu.

How can you make $100,000(Rs 64,11,000) per year??

First think over this.It’s actually

$120,000/year = $10K(Rs 6,41,100) a month
$10K/month = $2500/week(Rs 1,60,275) (2 weeks off a year)
$2500/week = $500/day(Rs 32,055) (5 days a week)
$500/day = $63/hour(Rs 4,038.93) (40 hour work week)

Some hours might not make money.So,we have to double the figure i.e ($126 an hour or Rs 8078.00 an hour).


With Service You are an employee which doesn’t come cheap,You need to have good enough qualifications for that.Moreover,you don’t have time expertise or a reputable brand name.But You can always sell …Sell any generic product..Something that sells..So,you have to focus on product not service.You can always invent,re-invent or innovate.But remember always if you can invent it ,anyone else can and might have.So,before anything else you need to do a market survey.

And then,you need a good source of finance.One of the best ways to accumulate it is SHARE CAPITAL-selling and trading shares for limited liabilities and for public limited liabilities.One doesn’t have to pay it back although it is considered polite to give out dividends at the end of the fiscal year.

A bit if algebra for you (and you told your math teacher you’d never need it).Some kind- hearted human shared it.


Profit equals Total Revenue minus Total Costs
Total Revenue equals Sales Quantity multiplied by Sales Price.
Total Cost equals Variable Costs per unit multiplied by Sales Quantity plus Fixed Costs plus Tax
Variable Costs per unit equals the price of packaging, raw materials etc. Resources that deplete when more product is made.
Total Variable Costs equals costs to (you) the business that change when (Sales Quantity) output changes.
Fixed costs equal the price of rent, insurance, light, advertising etc. When the cost to (you) the business stays the same regardless of output.

An employee counts Indian currency notes at a cash counter inside a bank in Kolkata June 18, 2012. The Indian rupee gained in early trade on Monday as risk assets rallied after Greece elections gave a slim majority to pro-bailout parties, with the focus shifting to the central bank policy decision later in the day. REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri (INDIA - Tags: BUSINESS) - RTR33T9L

All these comes with a bit of risk  also.But I think you should RISK it to take the BISCUIT.Next,do what every millionnaire does.Cut out the middlemen,count your own cash,export to other countries,manipulate the exchange rates and all in all PLAY THE STOCK MARKET.Turn your success story into a blog and earn revenue.